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90s vintage large bangle, spring closure

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90s vintage large gold-toned bangle. Spring closure. A big statement piece that totally glams up any outfit.

BRAND: not specified.

ESTIMATED ERA: considering the material, closure, style, and overall look, this is most likely an early 90s vintage piece. It could be older.

MATERIAL: a nice, heavy metal. Nothing precious but definitely quality.

MEASUREMENTS: 4.8cm/5.8cm (1.9"/2.3") circumference on the inside.
6.4cm/7.3cm (2.5"/2.9") on the outside.

WEIGHT: 90g (oz)

CONDITION: In good vintage condition. No fade in color and a perfectly functioning closure. It has its little flaws, like you and me. Tiny scuff marks can be seen close up. No large, noticeable damage. Please bear in mind it has seen a few decades. Don't hesitate to ask for more details or pictures!

*colors may very slightly vary from their appearance in pictures above.