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80s vintage scarf, bandanna-like fabric and size 💌 FREE SHIPPING

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80s vintage scarf. White with a red border and a floral print in shades of red, blue and green.
A little stiff, like a bandanna.

BRAND: La Redoute

ESTIMATED ERA: considering the fabric, print, logo and overall look, this is most likely a 1980s vintage piece.

FABRIC: I am unsure; It feels like cotton but could be a blend of natural and synthetic fabric.

MEASUREMENTS: 60cm/62.5cm (23.6"/24.6")

CONDITION: In good vintage condition. An intact hem and just a small fade in color. It has its little flaws, like you and me. No large, noticeable damage. Please bear in mind this piece has seen a few decades. Don't hesitate to ask for more details or pictures!

*colors may very slightly vary from their appearance in pictures above.

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